Andrew Bachelor, a.k.a. King Bach, is a comedy celeb on Vine

Marlow Stern 08.29.13 | The Daily Beast  A group of modish young Angelenos has congregated at Eveleigh, a bistro off Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. During the day, many of them work as chauffeurs, waiters, or in retail. But their real passion is Vine, where these up-and-coming comedians have amassed millions of followers. They are Vinelebrities. A friend of a friend gives me the lay of the land. That’s Brittany Furlan, she has 2.4 million followers … she’s the Queen of Vine. And that’s Iman Crosson, or Alphacat, with almost a million followers. He does a great Obama impersonation. For the uninitiated, Vine is a Twitter-owned mobile app that allows its users to post niftily edited video clips up to six seconds in length, which can then be shared via Twitter or Facebook. The app was launched on January 24 as a free iOS app on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and a version for Android phones was made available on June 3. The app has been used to debut footage from the superhero blockbuster Wolverine, by journalists to cover breaking news in war zones, and by major record labels to promote various releases. But the most effective usage of Vine, so far, has been in the realm of comedy, … Read More

AdamAndrew Bachelor, a.k.a. King Bach, is a comedy celeb on Vine

Sean Jablonski Drama Gets USA Pilot Order

By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Tuesday August 27, 2013  After focusing on comedy with series orders for Sirens and Playing House and pilot pickups for Love Is Dead and Divide & Conquer, top-rated cable network USA is making its first major move in drama this year, greenlighting an hourlong pilot from writer-producer Sean Jablonski. Produced by Universal Cable Prods., the untitled project is described as a provocative drama that follows investment banker Neil Truman and his wife Grace who are sifting through their stagnant relationship when Neil discovers that Grace is seeing a male escort and accidentally gains possession of the escort’s phone. He gains a unique perspective on his life and what motivates women, while Grace contemplates whether her needs are being met and whether her marriage is worth saving. Jablonski is executive producing the pilot with Russ Krasnoff (Community). This marks Jablonski’s return to USA and UCP where he served as executive producer/showrunner on the first season of hit drama Suits. On the drama side, USA most recently picked up period sci-fi drama pilot Horizon last December. That project is now filming. While half-hour comedy has been a priority for USA brass in light of next month’s off-network launch of Modern Family, drama remains the network’s bread and butter, with several new hourlong pilots expected to be … Read More

AdamSean Jablonski Drama Gets USA Pilot Order

Client Chris Marrs Piliero, Funniest Pop Video Director of the ’10s

Andrew Unterberger | 08/22/2013 | PopDust Have you seen the video for Avril Lavigne’s “Rock N Roll” yet? If not, it’s like we just don’t know you at all, man. Avril’s super-schticky new video is probably one of the year’s best and definitely one of the year’s zaniest, and the vision for that can be traced back largely to one man: Director Chris Marrs Piliero, who’s already made a career out of filming these kind of loony, unpredictable, celebrity-cameo-strewn music videos, for pop stars and alt-rockers alike. Piliero’s vids have been some of the funniest and most memorable of the decade thusfar, to the point where it’s just about worth auto-watching any vid with his name attached to it. Looking for some quality examples of Piliero’s work, perhaps even some ones you might already be familiar with? Well, good thing music videos are easily accessed on the internet in 2013, then! BLACK KEYS, “TIGHTEN UP” & “HOWLIN’ FOR YOU” Piliero’s first two videos for the Black Keys (he’d also direct their later “Baddest Man Alive” not only marked his MTV breakthrough, but helped turn the Black Keys from cult blues-rock band to one of the nation’s biggest mainstream touring and recording acts. “Tighten Up” … Read More

AdamClient Chris Marrs Piliero, Funniest Pop Video Director of the ’10s

Chris Marrs Piliero directs “Rock N Roll,” from Avril’s upcoming self-titled album

08/20/2013 by rachel brodsky | MTV Buzzworthy Joan Jett once said “I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation,” a phrase which Avril Lavigne seems to have taken to heart in her brand-new “Rock N Roll”video, which is, it should be noted, demonstrative of Avril’s razor-sharp comedy chops (paging Judd Apatow — CAST THIS WOMAN) and her complete willingness to kiss a girl. Avril’s new video also demonstrates that she may have spent the last few months playing LOTS of army-themed video games and watching “Sharknado,” “Thelma & Louise,” and “The Wonder Years” on repeat. Do we sound a little all over the place? Well, so is “Rock N Roll,” but who cares? It’s camo-clad Avril making out with Winnie Cooper and fighting BearSharks! AMERICA! CANADA! HUZZAH! Directed by the ever-excellent Chris Marrs Piliero, “Rock N Roll,” from Avril’s upcoming self-titled album, can’t exactly be summed up in mere words — it’s kind of like a bizarre cross between “The Breakfast Club” (see when Avril fist-pumps her guitar at the end à la Judd Nelson), “Bonnie And Clyde,” “Private Benjamin,” and “Full Metal Jacket,” all filtered through the pages of a campy old-school comic book. Avril spends most of the clip in a punk-studded camo outfit (bustier and all), and … Read More

AdamChris Marrs Piliero directs “Rock N Roll,” from Avril’s upcoming self-titled album

Andrew Bachelor and Iman Crosson have migrated to Vine and have established, in a matter of a weeks, larger followings than they have on YouTube.

Jennifer Van Grove | August 18, 2013 Brittany-Jayne Furlan will do just about anything to make people laugh. She’ll hijack strangers’ shopping carts, party balloons, and cocktails; read a bedtime story to a person asleep at a bus stop; or try to force-hold someone’s hand — all while a smartphone camera records the stunts. Though Furlan’s antics may sound obnoxious, her 2.2 million followers on Vine can’t get enough. Nor can established comedians like Jimmy Kimmel or Chelsea Handler, who have featured Furlan’s short comedic masterpieces on their programs. Now it’s not uncommon for Furlan’s Vine videos to rack up tens of thousands of likes and shares, dubbed “revines,” in a matter of hours. Vine, the Twitter-owned mobile app where 6-second clips loop, has provided Furlan and a smattering of young adults, aspiring actors, and YouTube stars with a new video platform where they can demonstrate their quirky creativity and attract instant celebrity. Launched in late January, the application was initially a moderate hit with creatives, techies, and brands. By early June, Vine had amassed 13 million registered users, and that month it became the most downloaded nongame app in Apple’s App store. Next to Instagram’s 130 million active users, … Read More

AdamAndrew Bachelor and Iman Crosson have migrated to Vine and have established, in a matter of a weeks, larger followings than they have on YouTube.