Roger Avary Adapting Client Neal Shusterman’s Novel ‘Unwind’

Voltage Pictures has come on board to co-finance and handle foreign sales on the Constantin Film/Don Carmody co-production Unwinddirected by Pulp Fiction Oscar winner Roger Avary.  He and his daughter Gala Avary also wrote the screenplay.

Unwind is based on Neal Shusterman’s award-winning novel, which imagines a cruel dystopian world in which those over 18 years of age, either function as a cog in the machine of a brainwashed society, or they will be “unwound.”   That is, your body will be taken apart, piece by piece, and given to those the government determines to be more suitable. Connor (Ian Nelson), Risa (Kiernan Shipka), and Lev (Percy Hynes White) are three young people raging against the machine.  Their desire for freedom and self-determination is greater than their fear of unwinding.

Bill Paxton and Jay Baruchel also star respectively as The Admiral and Officer Nelson. Casting of the remaining roles is under way.

The pic marks Avary’s return to the director’s chair, his last outing being 2004’s Glitterati, which was an adaptation of two Bret Easton Ellis novels, Rules of Attraction and Glamorama. Avary wrote and produced the Franco-Canadian TV series XIII: The Series. Avary also wrote and served as EP on Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf. During the ’90s, Avary’s Killing Zoe was a quintessential indie cult classic.

Pic is produced by Don Carmody, Robert Kulzer, Roger Avary, Julian Stone and Marc Benardout, executive produced by Martin Moszkowicz, Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter, Charlotte Stoudt and Catherine Kimmel. Cameras roll in mid-October in Manitoba, Canada. The production is set up as a Canada-Germany Treaty Co-Production and follows a long list of collaborations between Don Carmody and Constantin Film.

Unwind is the first of a series of four books called the The Unwind Dystology.

Robert Kulzer said in statement, “Neal’s books are shockingly brilliant. If you want to know how a young adult feels in today’s world, you have to read Unwind. It is this generation’s Clockwork Orange. Roger and his daughter Gala have done an amazing job adapting Neal’s complex dystopian world into a crackling screenplay.”

Added Don Carmody, “We are excited to be in business with Nicolas, Jonathan and the great Voltage team. We were impressed by their passion for this material and for their support of Roger as the filmmaker.”

Nicolas Chartier added, “We are thrilled to be working with Roger, Don, Martin, Robert and the amazing production team of Constantin and Don Carmody on Unwind.  This will be one of the most sought after properties in Cannes

AdamRoger Avary Adapting Client Neal Shusterman’s Novel ‘Unwind’