“The Lego Ninjago” No. 2 Trailer Released

Watch the second trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie, co-written by Kevin and Dan Hageman and starring Jackie Chan, Justin Theroux, and Dave Franco. The Lego Ninjago Movie comes out this September. Congrats Hageman Bros!      

Adam“The Lego Ninjago” No. 2 Trailer Released

L.A. BURNING Lands Emmy Nomination

L.A. BURNING has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Documentary category. The A&E documentary, produced by Underground Films with John Singleton and One9, provides valuable insight into an important historical event. Congratulations, John!

AdamL.A. BURNING Lands Emmy Nomination

“Stronger” Trailer is released

Watch the trailer for Stronger, written by John Pollono and starring Jake Gyllenhall. Stronger comes out this September. Congrats John!

Adam“Stronger” Trailer is released

“Snowfall” Panel at American Black Film Festival

  At the American Black Film Festival, Snowfall creator John Singleton and showrunner Dave Andron spoke at a panel about the relevance of the ’80s LA crack epidemic that the show takes place during. Singleton said: “As bad as the crack cocaine epidemic was…If forced us to be creative, and our survival instinct kicked in. We ended up changing the world … Read More

Adam“Snowfall” Panel at American Black Film Festival

Last Day at Verbum Dei

What a day with the Verbum Dei Entertainment Club, visiting Disney.  Thank you to Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler for speaking with these young men… and much love to Tendo Nagenda at Disney, Juan Alfonso at ABC, Erin Betz at ABC and Laurie Zaks at Mandeville TV for taking the time to teach them as well.  Nick Osborne and I … Read More

AdamLast Day at Verbum Dei

Sunday Times Features Singleton, “Snowfall”

John Singleton was featured in this week’s Sunday edition of the LA Times. In the profile, Singleton professes to being glad that he isn’t part of the Youtube generation, asking: “How do you break through the clutter, man?” Singleton discusses his upcoming TV show, titled Snowfall. The drama, which premieres July 5th on FX, explores the crack epidemic that hit Los Angeles … Read More

AdamSunday Times Features Singleton, “Snowfall”

Singleton FX Drama SNOWFALL to premiere in July

  Congratulations to John Singleton! The heavily anticipated FX drama Snowfall will debut at 10 PM on July 5th. The TV show is set in 1983, and features a dramatic whirlwind of characters such as Mexican drug lords, CIA operatives and youthful street dealers.

AdamSingleton FX Drama SNOWFALL to premiere in July

Karlak-directed VR Experience debuts

  Congratulations to David Karlak, who directed the VR experience Alien: Covenant In Utero, which gives fans a terrifying teaser for the Alien: Covenant film. The VR experience places the view in the role of the alien, bursting out of a human.

AdamKarlak-directed VR Experience debuts

“Something In The Water” Lands Big Names

“Something In The Water,” a comedy film written by Cindy McCreery, is picking up steam. Congratulations Cindy!! The Youtube star Grace Helbig has been cast in a leading role, and Miranda Lambert is producing the film’s soundtrack and providing an original song.

Adam“Something In The Water” Lands Big Names