Chris Marrs Piliero directs “Rock N Roll,” from Avril’s upcoming self-titled album

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Joan Jett once said “I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation,” a phrase which Avril Lavigne seems to have taken to heart in her brand-new “Rock N Roll”video, which is, it should be noted, demonstrative of Avril’s razor-sharp comedy chops (paging Judd Apatow — CAST THIS WOMAN) and her complete willingness to kiss a girl. Avril’s new video also demonstrates that she may have spent the last few months playing LOTS of army-themed video games and watching “Sharknado,” “Thelma & Louise,” and “The Wonder Years” on repeat. Do we sound a little all over the place? Well, so is “Rock N Roll,” but who cares? It’s camo-clad Avril making out with Winnie Cooper and fighting BearSharks! AMERICA! CANADA! HUZZAH!

Directed by the ever-excellent Chris Marrs Piliero, “Rock N Roll,” from Avril’s upcoming self-titled album, can’t exactly be summed up in mere words — it’s kind of like a bizarre cross between “The Breakfast Club” (see when Avril fist-pumps her guitar at the end à la Judd Nelson), “Bonnie And Clyde,” “Private Benjamin,” and “Full Metal Jacket,” all filtered through the pages of a campy old-school comic book.

Avril spends most of the clip in a punk-studded camo outfit (bustier and all), and she’s accompanied by none other than Danica McKellar, a k a Winnie Cooper from “The Wonder Years.” (Whaaaaaaa?!!) Winnie’s conveniently also decked out in fatigues, so together our leading ladies look like a danger-zone, tough-gal tag team on a mission to save the song’s titular genre.

Right, but then ish REALLY goes down. Our pop-punk heroine fights a series of evil characters, including, but not limited to, a Gogo Yubari-looking chick, a “Star Wars” Greedo-esque masked man, a bear with a shark for a head (the dreaded BearShark!), and even Cal Hockley from “Titantic” — er, sorry, we mean Billy Zane.

Later, Avril’s dog (who may or may not have a problem with alcohol) meets an untimely end in a car accident, which would be incredibly #sadz if not for the fact that Avril and Winnie share a romantic kiss in the wake of tragedy. Wait, *record scratch* — Avril kisses Winnie Cooper?! Does Fred Savage know about this?? Also, for the record, we’d go there if we could, too! Hear that, Avril? WE’D GO THERE.

AdamChris Marrs Piliero directs “Rock N Roll,” from Avril’s upcoming self-titled album